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it's a fast pace city on the california coast and the second most densely populated metropulos
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in america but just minutes from scenes like this you can lose yourself in wild solitude that's worlds away from the pulse of city life. we have marshall beach all to ourselves on this perfect day. get ready to explore outdoors inside one of the largest cities in america. coming up next on motion. ♪ san fransisco california home to nearly a million people and achor to the larger san fransisco bay area where nearly 8 million people live. without a doubt it's one of the most culturally diverse beautiful cities in america. with a unique vibe all its own but its geography also makes it one of the top cities in the country for outdoor activities surrounded by protected
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lands, prestine shoreline and home to several of the nations top urban parts. located on the northern tip of the san fransisco peninsula is one of those parks-the presidio. this three square mile green space was originally established as a fort by spain in 1776; where large gun batteries were built to protect the bay from a naval invasion. presidio was ceased by the us military in 1846 at the onset of the mexican american war and later served as an important us base to the vietnam war. congress ended the military use of the presidio in 1994 and made it part of the golden gate national recreation area. we met up with our guest hiker julie from indianapolis for her first visit to the city by the bay and her first look at this amazing park just minutes from downtown san fransisco. the presidio is also home to this hallowed ground; the first us national cemetary on the west coast.
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many soilders and sailors who gave their lives overseas in pacific battles rest here, overlooking san fransisco bay. after a solomn stroll we decided to head west along the bay area ridged trail and walked toward the sea cliffs of the presidio. what we're finding is kind of different, unique about this park is you're not in a place where it's completely surrounded by nature. there's trees and everything around but there's a lot of criss crossing trails that pass by the roads and this actually does connect to the coast lines so we're going to head over towards some historic battery sites; because we've been walking around trees and kind of looking for nature but there's also a lot of history and stuff to enjoy around here. so we're going to find some of that. as the trail emerges from the thick tree covered
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sections of the presidio big views of the pacific ocean and the golden gate bridge steal the show. we lucked out with some of the best weather you can imagine; clear, no wind and temps in the mid 60's. not bad for december when we shot this episode. to come out from this beautiful green space and there's trees and all of a sudden come to a clearing and you look down and there's the rocks and the waves crashing on them and then you get to see the bridge. i mean it's just the quintessential poster for the city and but there's a vibe there that you can't capture just the energy from the ocean and very cool. alright well julie and i are being lured down to marshall beach. we're on the batteries to bluff trail and just what a great day. kind of nailed the weather out here. enjoyed a little hike, some history viewing and some hanging out in the presidio. it's pretty neat. but getting out here on the coast on a beautiful day like this you just get
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lured down to the beach. hikes like this from the presidio down to marshall beach are what make the outdoor travel options in san fransisco so great. yes you've got the tourist hot spots like pier 39 and alcatraz but getting lost in the real fabric of an area like this is only possible by getting away from the crowds and popular tourist traps. i know. there's nobody down here. we have marshall beach all to ourselves on this perfect day and i don't know if this is normal or not. back on top of the cliffs and close to the narrow opening to san fransisco bay are remnants of the original batteries built to protect the city from attack by sea. near the san fransisco side of the golden gate bridge the presidio is the longest continously operated military base in the united states until its closure in 1995. okay so you see i'm on these large battery platforms and i see big
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iron doors and things but you can see these big concrete foundations of where the guns would sit and that's where they would rotate on these circles and have a pretty good view of some bad guys coming in there. san fransisco's population exploded from 1,000 to over 25,000 during the california gold rush of 1849 and has been growing ever since. it's a city that is always thrived. rebuilding quickly after the devastation of the 1906 earthquake and even staying a float during the stock market crash of 1929 with not one of its banks failing but its location along the central california coast is meant that it's always been a port town and today it's shipping and fairy system is a big part of how the city by the bay does business. i thought it might be fun to get a totally different kind of feel for san
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fransisco by getting out on that bay for a little paddle time; so we hooked up with ted of city kayaks on pier 40 to get us on the water. i've never been kayaking before, didn't know what to expect. little nervous; but then ted was super helpful. he walked us through everything. well i think it'll keep me dry. i hope. we'll see. after getting suited up we headed for the dock to get some kayaking 101 down from ted. conditions were perfect for julie's first time on the water and ted was great at making both of us feel relaxed and ready and make the turns you're going to swing one side; it's called sweep and sweep the water on one side you're going to go the other way, you hold the paddle relaxed. a lot of people have a mistake of holding the paddle tight at the beginning end up getting blisters here.
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city's kayaks location next to the home of the world champions san fransisco giants baseball team means business is good for ted. at&t park is right on the water and its popular mccovey cove is a hot spot for kayakers to float in hopes of catching a home run ball literally hit out of the park. we're right below the giants stadium; at&t field and out here doing a little practicing. julie it's her first time on the water doing amazing. she's either doing amazing or horrible because she's going backwards. hopefully she's doing that on purpose. julie your backwards technique is flawless. we've kayaked in some pretty cool places across the country but never in a major urban setting like this. the energy of the city mix with the serinity that comes with paddling took a little getting used to.
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this is not the quietest place to paddle we got a lot of traffic over our heads right now pretty neat. it didn't take long for julie to get the hang of kayaking as we enjoyed it exploring the urban waterways near at&t park. ted had something really special lined up for us so it was time o head back to the boat. coming up next san fransisco skyline, calm waters and an unforgettable sunset add up for one incredible evening paddle. then we set out on an amazing hike that starts in the red woods and ends at the sea when motion returns.:ñ
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we're in san fransisco california exploring this wonderful
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kind city and a few of its incredible outdoor activities. we've hiked through the presidio an urban park that once served as an important military base and then got on the water with ted from city kayaks to get a totally different feel for the second most densely populated town in america. after her first time in a kayak; paddling near the home field of the san fransisco giants our guest hiker julie from indianapolis is ready for something a little more adventurous. ted took us under the oakland bay bridge and along the water front section of san fransisco known as the embarcadero. what an absolutely unique way to see the city even if you're here for a day for dinner; come out here for an hour and paddle around and get just a one of a kind view of san fransisco and it is pretty amazing. wouldn't you say? amazing? it is. it is. this was a relaxed kind of outing that was more about the views than it was about getting somewhere.
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the only thing we really needed to watch out for were fairy boats and sea lions. both of which are pretty active right now. super easy, don't have to know what you're doing and yet what a completely one of a kind way of experiencing this city from being on water. come on. the sunset, the energy from the city i mean literally hearing the hum and there's just a buzz in the city and then there's this super calm peaceful serene feeling that you have on the water it's like nothing i've ever done before. this is just one of the coolest things i've done on a kayak. i'm telling you. it's so different than being in a wild setting yet you have this combination of the energy and pulse of the city mixed with the serenity of being on this calm water and
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floating around; it's just a completely one of a kind experience. didn't even expect it to be that cool and be fun but to see the city from that vantage point and a gorgeous sunset i'm just overwhelmed and it was fun and i didn't think i'd be able to do it and so i'm kind of speechless. day two in san fransisco we decided to do a nice hike and hiking around the bay area is big so we had plenty of places to choose from. we headed north over the golden gate bridge into marin county to start a hike here at muir woods national monument.
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this narrow valley protects 550 acres of old growth coastal redwood forrest as a part of the golden gate national recreation area. i've never seen redwoods before and so of course you read about them, you know they're big and you get in there and it's just kind of overwhelming and i honestly got a little emotional just you're looking at the size and the hundreds of years and just this feeling; this it's so lush and mossy and cool and then the neat part was hiking up a little bit and seeing the landscape change. well after leaving the boardwalk you instantly start cranking up. up hill and it feels good taking a leisurely stroll to a good sweating blood pumper. it's nice to sort of get in midway up the canopy too gives you different perspectives of these amazing trees. after climbing out of muir woods on the ben johnson trail our plan was to hook
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up with dipsy trail on top of the ridge and then hike down to stenson beach below. since we had a car waiting for us at the bottom this was about a 5 mile one way hike and if you can swing it it's a nice way to run this trip. can you hear that? nothing. downtown san fransisco to this spot less than an half an hour that's pretty cool. that is neat. look at this. these trees will burn out completely.
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that is cool. after spending a couple of hours in the dense canopy of beautiful old growth forest it was nice to pop out on top of the dipsy trail for a breath taking view of the pacific ocean. up next we start our steepness in along this rich top trail for our picture postcard ending of the day and tips for helping you plan your own bay area adventure when motion returns.
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san fransisco is one of the largest cities in america but it's surrounded with incerdible outdoor activity options not far from downtown. after hiking the presidio, kayaking along the embarcadero and venturing into the muir woods just north of san fransisco we've topped out on our hike to stenson beach along the dipsy trail. the views up here are amazing as the trail follows an open ridge line along the west facing slopes of the coastal hills but it doesn't take long to start heading down and the final drop to stenson beach is a steep one. you're not doing the one way like we're fortunate enough to do and you have
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to do an out and back picking your direction on this trail is important because we're finding now you can see there's just a ton of these steps. i mean it's just dropping down over a thousand feet really quickly. so coming up from stenson beach this direction would be a big workout. if you do the out and back from muir woods you know you're looking at a nine and a half mile day with going down and up this so that's a good day work out, beautiful views but if you're thinking about doing one direction i think we've nailed it. i think going from muir woods down just has been such a treat because you start out in the dense redwood forrest then you break out into the grasslands and the beautiful views and the pacific and we're just maybe half a mile away from stenson beach right now. we'll be putting our toes in the ocean. i like this way you got a nice little creek down below.
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50 feet down here so we'll just walk this river just right on out to stenson beach. some more redwoods all the way out, it's been a great hike. [ male announcer ] many new year's resolutions
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have unraveled at the corner of "good intentions" and "powdered donuts." but walgreens can help you make a healthy change before you get too far off track. we've got the tools, advice and products you need to trade your old habits for new routines. now at walgreens, finest nutrition vitamins or centrum multivitamins are buy one, get one half off with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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san fransisco is an incredible city home to a diverse culture, history and remarkable outdoor beauty. the popular tourist attractions like fishermans warf and pier 39 are definitely worthy of a visit but the bay area offers unique ways to try something different and experience this city on a totally new level of outdoors and away from the crowds. if i had come on my own i would see the city and i would do the touristy things and not that there's anything wrong with that but i certainly wouldn't search out a kayaking tour and to go 20, 30 minutes away and have muir woods just i wouldn't have done that and so this is a cool way to hopefully open other
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peoples eyes to different opportunities and this is a neat place to do it. san fransisco is a coastal city which means cool temps and fog are common during the summer months but fall here can be really nice. october and november are two of the best months for exploring the redwood forrest, city parks or a laid back paddle along san fransiscos exciting waterfront. for information on places we visited in this episode and more video clips of our shoot in san fransisco go to and click motion. we had a great time experiencing some of the outdoor activities and the beautiful san fransisco bay area. for more information on planning your trip to san fransisco go to and click or search motion and to be part of our fun and informative online community check out our facebook fan page. we'll see you next time.
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for more information on planning your trip to san fransisco. excuse me. for more information. and this isn't on camera right now. here we go.
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today on a special episode of live big with ali vincent.
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it's time to learn how to count your calories. we're in the kitchen with food rush chef ryan scott. it's like dancing in your mouth right? it really is and i've got a thirty day challenge that will kick you into high gear as we all live big together. ♪ welcome to a special edition of live big with ali vincent. today we're heading into the classroom for a calorie counting 101. do you even know what a calorie is? calories are the energy that fuel our bodies. much like gasoline fuels cars. without enough calories our bodies will not function. however if you eat more calories than your body needs each day you're going to gain weight. okay so here's; excuse me are you not listening because this is the important part.
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for every extra thirty-five hundred calories you eat but do not burn you will gain a pound. if you eat 5500 calories a day but you only burn 2,000 calories for that day you have an excess of 3500 calories and 3500 calories equals 1 pound; so essentially you just gained a pound. you need to go ask your doctor for your suggested daily calorie allowance. a calorie allowance is the number of calories you should eat each day. today we're going to look at a daily calorie allowance of 2,000 calories. let's take that number and divide up into three meals and two snacks. 500 calories for breakfast; 250 calories for your morning snack, 500 calories for lunch, another 250 calories for your afternoon snack and 500 calories for dinner. add it all up that's 2,000 calories for the day. i know this is a lot of information to take in at one time; so if you need to watch it again this will be posted on the
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livewell network website. just type calorie allowance in the search bar. now that you know how to divide up the daily calorie allowance it's time to learn how to count your calories. so now we moved into the kitchen because in the kitchen is where most of our calorie counting is going to take place; so when we talk about dividing our day into a calorie budget, well i wanted to give you an example of how to do that. i went to the store and i got four different breakfast waffles but not all food is created equal. yes they're all breakfast waffles but they each have they're own calorie value. most everything we need to know is listed here on the nutrition labels on the packaging of our foods. when you go grocery shopping you need to spend some time reading the labels in the store. look here on the nutritional labels. one brand is 210 calories for two waffles, one is a 180 calories, this one is 150 calories and this one is 140 calories; so this is the one i'm going to buy. okay so let's start building a 500 calorie breakfast.
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we already have our two waffles for 140 calories but i'm not going to eat waffles without syrup so i went to the grocery store and found a sugar-free syrup for a serving size of a 3 of a cup it's going to be 30 calories; so what i need to do is measure out at 3 of a cup, add it to my waffles right there. we're starting off our 500 calorie breakfast with 170 calories. now it's time to add some protein to my breakfast. when i was in the grocery store i came across these turkey sausages. on the back it tells me that four sausage links is 90 calories. add those to your breakfast. that comes in at 260 calories but that's still not enough. how about a cup of yogurt? it's one cup for 140 calories. now when you are measuring a cup of yogurt it's a cup of yogurt. it's not a heaping cup of yogurt so with yogurt we can kind of like settle it like that. so far we're at
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400 calories. we still have a 100 calories to go; so i'm going to add a hard boiled egg; so i go to my refrigerator and i've already pre-hardboiled my egg but there's no nutritional value on my egg. how am i going to know my calories? i go online and look for a calorie counting website. once i get to that website i scroll down after i type in eggs then it'll come up how is the egg prepared? i scroll down to hardboiled. i find that a hard boiled egg is 75 calories. so this entire breakfast is 475 calories. that's 25 calories under our 500 calorie budget. that's great. now it's time to move on to our late morning snack. string cheese is always a great way to start a snack because it's easy to throw in your purse and take on the go and it's also pre-packaged for us; so if you look on your label you'll see that one piece of string cheese in this particular string cheese is 50 calories. keep in mind just like the waffles not all string cheese is created equal. then how about a piece of fruit?
8:36 pm
an apple's always great. this apple i would say a small apple. how do i know the calorie values of that? i want to look online. i'll find out that this apple is 75 calories. that is a 125, yes i can do math but that's not 250; so we need something more. i like sweets. this is a yogurt berry rice cake. there's all different kinds of rice cakes out there. what i wanted to show you about this is the serving size. seven mini cakes right? is 60 calories; so what am i going to do? actually count them. there's no grabbing and throwing down the hat; so you got to count them; so 1, 6, 7. that's a great start but it doesn't look like it's enough for me, so i'm going to go for two servings and i have the calories that allow for it. now that looks better. so my rice cakes are a 120 calories. our total value of our snack is 245 calories. that's under our 250; so that's good.
8:37 pm
now it's time for lunch; so we need to build a 500 calorie lunch to make sure that we have enough energy to get through the rest of our day. i like to make sure that i have the protein in there; so i'm going to start out with the grilled chicken breast. now this grilled chicken breast, how do i know the calories? again i got to go online and type in chicken breast or you can go onto your smart phone and type it in there and what you'll find out is 4 ounces is 120 calories. 4 ounces is a perfect serving size for lunch. now i need to figure out how do i know what four ounces is. this is a kitchen scale. you know i love the kitchen scale. this to me is the tool that everybody needs to have. if you're going to be aware of your calories you need to figure it out. what i'm going to do first is weigh my whole breast and see if i get this for my salad. this is just over 6 ounces. so i'm going to want to trim it down a little bit just to make sure i'm staying within my budget. perfect. four ounces right on the dot. now that i got my chicken all measured out i want to
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build this salad to add to my chicken; so i am busy. so i got some pre-packaged lettuce. 1 ½ cups. how many calories? 15 calories. i've got to take out my cups and measure out my lettuce. i'm going to start with the ½ because it's smallest and perfect. 15 calories. now i want to add in some color for my salad; so i'm going to ad some cherry tomatoes. i went online and found out that a ½ of cup of cherry tomatoes is 15 calories. some broccoli. ½ of cup. ½ of cup's an easy one to stick to. measured it out 15 calories. now this salad's looking pretty good. get a little crunch. you need croutons for the crunch. a ½ of cup of cucumbers is only 10 calories. so we have 55 calories for this beautiful salad. plus we have our chicken that we already pre-measured and cut. you guys this salad looks fantastic. we now have a beautiful salad for 175 calories but i don't know anybody who likes a dry salad; so let's add some dressing. you can ruin a low calorie salad in seconds if you
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pick the wrong salad dressing. i have literally spent hours of my life in the aisle of the grocery store where the salad dressing is found reading every single label. you might be surprised to know that some salad dressings go up to 200 calories for 2 tablespoons. today i've found a salad dressing for 20 calories for 2 tablespoons. i need to measure it out and then i'm good for lunch. that's a 195 calories; which is definitely not my 500 calorie lunch; so i'm going to grab some fruit and then with my extra calories i'm going to head down and get my favorite afternoon coffee. okay so i've show you how to figure out calories. now just do the same thing for your late afternoon snack or 250 calories and your dinner for 500 calories. that brings your total calorie allowance for today at 2,000 calories. now remember, 2,000 calories as i said is just a calorie budget. you need to make sure that you talk to your doctor to find out what calorie budget is best for you.
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still to come; welcome to the live big 30 day challenge and later; so shake that up, you want to make, shake it shake it. she's good. xxbcraxl
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okay now that you know about calories and how to count them, that's only half of the recipe it's all about diet and, you guessed it, exercise. so to get you off to a really good start i've created a 30 day fitness program that we're going to do together. here's how it works. each day you'll log on to and get your new fitness assignment. to find the workout go to the search box in the upper right hand corner and type in live big day 1 or live big day 2 or whatever day it is that you're looking for. that days plan will pop up. remember thirty days that's thirty different fitness assignments.
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you're going to need a few things for the challenge. you're gonna need a stability ball, a jump rope and some weights. as far as the weights go you want them heavy enough to challenge you but light enough so that you can do a full minute of reps with them. so you might go anywhere from one pound to ten pounds maximum. in just a minute i'm gonna give you today's plan, but first just a couple of very important things. before you start this or any exercise program, its important to see your doctor. make sure you are cleared to take part in it. and this is also a great time to talk to your doctor about your daily calorie allowance. i think its important for evberybody to talk to their doctor to make sure its safe to go on a weight loss and exercise program. next, i designed the live big 30 day challenge to start on a monday, that's because i want you put in family time on the weekends. before we get started, so many people tell me that they can't afford a gym or they don't like working out in a gym, that's okay you don't need one,
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but you do need to start. so how do you get started? you start right now right here, you just need to get up and start moving. one of the best ways to do that is going for a walk, so that's exactly where we're gonna start our live big 30 day challenge. day one assignment: walking for 30 minutes. now i'm not talking about window shopping or strolling through the park, i'm talking about walking briskly, getting our heart rate up; it's called cardio! ok, that's day 1, now i want you to go online to type in live big day 2, you're gonna do this for the next 30 days. you've got this, live big! if at any point during this 30 day challenge you feel like its too intense for you, go ahead and dial it down a bit, it needs to fit your needs. but, if you're up for the challenge and feel like you can push a little bit harder, dial it up a notch. remember, this is your
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workout, its your challenge, so it needs to fit your needs. you just need to make sure that you're still being challenged. stay in touch with the live big community through my facebook page. you can ask questions, hear from other live biggers who are taking part in the challenge, or just keep us posted on how you're doing. you can even share some of your favorite recipes. up next, is that not pure and simple, delicious? it's like dancing in your mouth right? -this is so good
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okay now i have you eating right and exercising but you're going to be eating a lot of chicken and i want to make sure that you don't get bored eating that same old chicken day after day. ryan scott from the livewell network show food rush is here with me today to show us how to spice up that chicken. yeah baby; without adding lots of calories right? totally. no loaded calories. what do we got going here? this is light, fun and delicious and i know how much you love flavor but you don't want the fat and calories with it; so i'm going to jam pack this great chicken breast recipe with nothing but lemon, garlic and deliciousness. we're going to do it all on the grill. why are you grilling lemons? i've never seen this. lemons have a great amount of flavor but if you ever roasted them and put them on a grill this is going to be your salad dressing with no oil no nothing just roasted lemon juice right over the top. grilled lemon juice over the top of the chicken with lettuce greens. delicious. i'm excited. so good. so let's make my favorite, favorite chicken breast dish.
8:49 pm
okay. we're going to take ziploc bags like we have here. we're going to take four skinless, boneless chicken breast. okay. i'm going to throw these guys inside the bag. would you start taking this thing right here, it's called a microplane. if you guys do not have one of these at home. i don't have one and i have everything. okay this does the most universal dice and mince of anything from ginger to garlic. you name it; so watch this. check it out. lean it on the table there. okay. take the garlic and just flip it across. watch your fingernails though. oh yeah watch my fingernails and my skin. so watch just like this, now stop and just smack it just like this and watch all the garlic comes out. all small pieces, all same size. that's amazing; so add your garlic and your lemon pepper and slide it in the bag. this is great lemon pepper. it's a dried lemon zest inside there. great pepper grinds. add a half of teaspoon of salt. take this guy here; i'm going to have you add lemon juice. a real chef here i'm so excited. okay let's try. okay i'm not going to try not to be a chef. just go ahead and add that. alright so lemon juice and lemon zest. the zest has flavor beyond anything else. dig it?
8:50 pm
so do i use this? don't use that yet. all ali wants to do is use the microplane now that's it. add a little bit of olive oil inside there. okay. let's put this, this whole thing? yeah put it all. now i want you to close the bag up and now i'm going to do what my favorite thing to do. massage it; i actually like to do the dance. are you a good dancer? i can shake it. if i can do anything i can shake it. alright so my dear i'm going to give you a little wall. i may not have any rhythm though. i'm going to give you a little one on one. okay so in the kitchen this is basically my version of a little workout. oh we'll be talking about that. i'm really excited about that. so shake that up. shake it, shake it. she's good. the key thing guys is this is a two to four hour marinade nothing longer than that okay. now what you're going to do; these are tongs. okay. i'm like not chopsticks. so ali i want you to just add these onto the grill. alright. okay no skin, no bone; these are going to cook really, really quickly. okay. and the key thing with this especially with grilling leave it be don't touch it it's going to tell you. you're going to start seeing carmelization come up the sides. that's what you're looking for. so now what we're
8:51 pm
going to do grab those greens for me. set it right off to the side and i'm going to take off these lemons. wash my asbestos hands. is it hot? it's a little hot. so now we have our grilled lemon; which is super gorgeous. we got our chicken on and what i already did ahead of time guys you can see right here is i have a beautiful chicken breast that's been resting. it looks; i mean there's like this glaze on it. it's a beautiful glaze. it looks so good. it smells so good. i wish they could smell it. i wish they could smell it. because it's like a secret that smells so good. that's why i'm whispering. it's my secret that i'm sharing. alright so one thing make sure it rest. okay so this chicken breast literally came off five minutes before we put those guys on. it was cooked it was done. you want to make sure the juices are relaxed inside. any kind of protein that your working with. if you immediately cut it; what happens? juices go everywhere. another key thing is look for the grains. do you see the grains of the chicken? you can see right here they're all going one way. yeah. you want to cut across the grain and look how gorgeous and how
8:52 pm
delicious. it looks amazing. this chicken breast looks...i'm going to put it on top of the lettuce greens we have here. okay and the finishing little touch is grilled lemon juice right over the top. you want something light, something fresh, something delicious. i need you to take a bite. i'm like where's my fork? no don't use a fork. use your fingers. here this is what chefs do, okay and i hope you guys don't mind i'm going to feed ali. oh. is that not killer and simple and delicious? it's like dancing in your mouth right? this is so good. i know, and simple. is that this? that's the grilled lemon juice right over the top. watch try this piece. this is so good. up next, when cooking quinoa a lot of people boil it. they always ask me i say just cook it like you cook rice; 2 to 1. say just cook it like [ [ male announcer ]1. many new year's resolutions have unraveled at the corner of "good intentions" and "powdered donuts." but walgreens can help you make a healthy change before you get too far off track.
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we've got the tools, advice and products you need to trade your old habits for new routines. now at walgreens, finest nutrition vitamins or centrum multivitamins are buy one, get one half off with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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what else you got for me? i'm going to make my seasonal tabouli salad. tabouli middle eastern salad down with some really crisp beautiful fresh greens and so on; but if you've never seen quinoa before guys look at this right here.
8:55 pm
this is the red, the black and brown and talk about nutrition right. isn't this the best? vegetarians live by quinoa. well there's so much protein in it so it's fantastic. when cooking quinoa a lot of people boil it. they always ask me and i say just cook it like you cook rice; 2 to 1. no, no, no ignore that. i love it that's why literally sautee it in a little bit of olive oil in a pan. okay; cover it with 1 to 1 water; so the grains in water; bring it to a boil; turn it off; put it with the lid; pop it in the oven at 325; 20 minutes; done. comes out crisp, beautiful, flaky, fluffy; just like snowflakes falling everywhere. good; so make the vinaigrette for me. really simple; lemon juice, lemon zest. looks like there's zest in here i was going to say. zest is flavor right? grab your whisk. i'm going to add a little pinch of salt. this is kosher salt; just a drop. we need a little bit of love in there. salt, pepper and you have just simply made a very fast and delicious vinaigrette. quick simple because i'm all about quick and simple; so that's why i love quinoa salads because you can make them on sunday and they're good for like a week right? well what i would do is i
8:56 pm
would make the mixture, hold the dressing off and then take a little bit of the dressing, take it with you and have your dry ingredients and that way it doesn't get saturated with acid that way. i'm learning so many things. i just need my notepad. alright i just chopped a cucumber up. okay and i want you to add pomegranates. you're fast. yes i know that's why i get paid to chop. yes, yes. some scallions, greens onions; i like them kind of big. i want the spice from the green onion. i want that little crunch. scallions, green onions are they the same? the same family i just charge more money when i say scallions. perfect. alright. diced red onion; which is really, really good. don't go with the white; the red as a nice little sweetness. how are you going to get this all mixed up together? i'm going to show you; you're so fast. this is mint and curly parsley okay. we're going to add our parsley and our mints. we're going to add another pinch of salt. alright ali here is the trick; i want you to take the dressing and everybody at home pay attention to this. just pour it on? no. oh god i'm out of here. no you don't pour it on. you don't? what do you, honestly what do you do because that's what i do. alright you take the
8:57 pm
spatula; take the spatula and i want you to start folding like you're baking a cake and when you bake a cake you fold from the middle and you turn and that way everything gets incorporated. okay and as you're doing this ali watch. what you're doing is i put all the dressing on the wall. that is genius. i love it. okay. the wall, the dressing is coating every...because i always get so much flavor right in the middle and pomegranates; what's up with the pomegranates? pomegranates; i never thought of that i can't wait to taste this. well you want a nice little crunch from pomegranates; you can use pears if you want to; apples if you want to; grapes are really great. you can put some really low fat cheese inside here but how about a nice little vegan dish? it is crisp and light. here; it's your show i'll feed you my dear. if you don't like it i'll go this way okay. it's awesome. just simple. it doesn't have to have a lot to it. that's what i love about quinoa though because it is; it's so fresh. everything; calorie count and all that is on i love it thank you. okay that brings me to my big three. three things that i hope you take away from today's show. number one: the time to start is now. getting started is the toughest part.
8:58 pm
once you start eating right and exercising it becomes part of your daily routine. number 2: no more excuses. i showed you how to count calories; i've created the 30 day live big challenge for you; i even had chef ryan scott show you how to spice up that tired chicken breast. and number three we're in this together live big with ali vincent was designed to create a world of friends. like my official facebook page; it's a great place to find motivation, share your stories and ask questions. remember go to everyday for the next 30 days to get your live big challenge. go to the search box, type in live big day one, then day two, then day three. you get the idea. together we're all going to live big. i think we get the idea of how calories work right? so if we eat the calories because we're going to fuel our bodies because we want to do a
8:59 pm
marathon. excuse me, hello i'm talking to you, this is for your own benefit. come on. okay.
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